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First off- I rarely look like me in the picture above! I'm Deb- Wife, daughter, sister, mother, Nama to 5. Most days you'll find me helping care for 2 grandbabies that live with us, or playing and teaching piano! I love yoga and doing any sort of work out that keeps the jitters out and the endorphins up! In our 'spare' time, we like to camp and garden- being outdoors as much as possible in the summer.

11 years ago, I went through a health crisis, and found myself approaching my health care in a hands on, open minded way. Through this, I began to see that there is more than one option for health care- with a both/and approach (doctors and a holistic approach). Oils have been my saving grace for many issues- with sleep being the one that's had the greatest impact on my daily life. We use them for everything from cooking, to skin care, to wellness, to removing pesky warts, to calming behaviors. I really don't know what I'd do without them! I can't wait to have you find the joy of oils too!

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